CEMME creates unique and interesting clothes and accessories for adults, children and man’s best friends. Using high-quality European-certified fabrics and our own drawings, we have created clothes that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. We are also engaged in the production of various wooden products and jewelry. Each of our products is our handwork, created with the utmost care, paying close attention to the end result and quality.

CEMME was born as a supplement to everyday work, which is the sale of screen printing materials, when the joy of drawing turned into designs that we wanted to wear and show to others. From a pair of unique, self-made shirts, CEMME has developed into a company that offers customers clothes that we ourselves like to wear and appreciate.

All our clothes are self-cherished, the cuts are made taking into account our own experience and the need for certain clothes, be it clothing comfort, abrasion resistance, or design. We value the quality of the fabric, the sustainability of the product and good design, so we try to combine it all in the products we create.

CeMMe creators Zane and Atis.